A database administrator and a programmer joined forces to learn the arts of Game Development. Join us in our quest for knowledge!


Starting out as a programmer with over a decade of programming experience in the corporate segment, I believed it was time to turn the page. Not so much as switching jobs, but just a thing on the side and rekindle the love for creating things through code and found a new hobby, love and some might even call it an obsession, in game development.

Not afraid to flex my artistic muscles, I soon started to use Blender to create my own (mainly prototyping) assets and use them in Unity 3D, which so far has always been the weapons of choice.

After nearly a year of following courses, trial and error, but still learning every day, I felt it was time to channel all of this knowledge into setting up a game studio. The plan for “Overloading Game Studio” was born.


As an Oracle Database Administrator I’ve always liked to automate as much as possible to make life easier for myself and my colleagues.

Learning new programming languages and figuring out how everything works gives me energy. One day in 2018 I was looking around for something new to learn and started doing a course on Unity. Had loads of fun with it and wanted to make a game with it. Of course I needed assets to use in the game. Didn’t want to buy them, so started using Blender to create them myself. It took some time, but as it turned out, I liked Blender even more than Unity, so decided to focus more on that. Created loads of assets, made a lot of designing mistakes, but still having fun. And that’s the main purpose.

For those who are interested, I recently started posting my recent work on ArtStation @ https://www.artstation.com/tuplak

Now teaming up with Erik, combine our skills, and who knows what good will come of it. The ultimate goal is to create a complete game, but first focus on design, loose assets, create small tutorials and maybe you have some requests? Feel free to contact us for C&C