Create a Mars-Lander Animation in Blender 2.8 – Part 6 – Creating the Top and Nose Cone

Welcome to part 6 of the creation of a Mars-Lander Animation.
In this video I will add the top part and nose cone to the lander. It is already starting to look like a real Mars Lander. But we are not done yet. In the next parts I will start working on the landing gear and engine, and once that is done we are ready to finish the lander with a final touch: adding some last details and materials, and making it look even better with DecalMachine.
The only thing left after that is making the animation itself and adding the environment and smoke.
Enough topics for a couple of more videos:).

Each video I will show how to do certain things both with and without addons.
If techniques have been explained in previous videos I will use the fastest and easiest way to do it. Mostly this will be using my favorite addon: Hard Ops.

As always happy to answer any of your questions or remarks.
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Used & Recommended Addons:
Hard Ops: BlenderMarket
Boxcutter: BlenderMarket
Hard Ops / Boxcutter Ultimate Bundle: BlenderMarket
MESHmachine: BlenderMarket | Gumroad
DECALmachine: BlenderMarket | Gumroad
Modifier List: GitHub
Powersave: Gumroad

Recommended Artists & Creators:
MACHINƎ: BlenderMarket | Gumroad
MasterXeon1001: BlenderMarket | Youtube
Josh Gambrell: Youtube
Ponte Ryuurui: Youtube

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