It’s all about the base

So the base model is nearing its final form. We’ve chosen to go for a cartoonish style character, which should resemble a 5 or 6 year old boy, once finished. Obviously the forehead is quite big at this stage, try to picture it with hair on it, but I think we will reduce that big melon a bit when we get to the hairy part. πŸ˜… 

We are going to work on the details now. The eyes, the mouth (with teeth), the feet and as we go, trying to improve the base model as well. Getting more details in the hands by adding fingernails for example.

Do you find these kind of post interesting? Should we post more or less? Tell us what you think  πŸ˜‰ 

Project Life

Project “Life…” as we call it right now, is a game, where we go through all phases of life. The joy of a newborn, the happiness of growing up to be a well balanced person. The pain and suffering of loss, and when your world turns grey, find the color and happiness in your fantasy-world and bring that back to the real world.