Project Drop – 002 – Additional levels

We’ve added some additional levels to get the creative juices flowing. Obstacles in the form of cranes on the boat, even making them move to block the helicopter reaching the helipad.

We’ve got tonnes of ideas, like; night vision, shooting turrets, dropping off crates, mid-air refuel, but maybe you have some crazy ideas as well, so please share in the comments!

Project Sidewinder – 002 – Smashing things

Smashing and destroying things in games is always so satisfying. It still looks rough around the edges but the basics are there.

To make this happen we made a weapon/ability system which is quite stable at the moment. To do damage we needed some sort of a damage/health system, so that was also setup. Not only usable for objects, but also for any enemies in the future. They will probably not fall apart like the crates, but who knows 🙂