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We joined the Patreon-community

As of today we have our very own Patreon-page!

Feel free to support us in any which way you want, whether it is through becoming a patron or just spreading the word. This Patreon-page is more of an incentive for us to spend time and give back to the community we love and just make awesome content for you guys!

Project Burning Rubber – 002 – Alpha available

That proud feeling of actually seeing your game or prototype work on a device other than the development machine.

We’ve made a lot of changes over the last month and there is still a lot to be done, but we really wanted check out the journey towards releasing a game on the store and decided to make this closed Alpha happen.

For now we’ve only pushed it to the Google App Store, but fear not, Apple-enthusiasts, you are not forgotten. We hope to make it available for iOS in the weeks to come.

If you want to participate in our Alpha test panel, please contact us on the contact page and make sure to select the “Alpha test request”. The only requirement is that you fill in a short survey afterwards and that we can keep bothering you with questions. 😉

Project Drop – 001 – Prototyping

This game is loosely based on the 1986 classic “Thrust”. Battle gravity and avoid obstacles to pilot your helicopter from one point to the next, before you run out of fuel!

Currently we are in a stage of prototyping and made the first preliminary level. Obviously still a lot to be done.


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