Starting over

Remember this project? It might look different than you recall and then you are entirely correct. We kinda started over. The code was becoming cluttered and we had some performance issues, so we started to build it up again from scratch. Using the parts we knew where good and wend on from there.

We also got some amazing free assets from the Unity Store so we can first focus on the coding and later maybe swap it with our own.
Low-poly Sports car #20
City Voxel Pack
Low Poly Street Pack

Next we are implementing the obstacles to swirl around and having a look at other traffic to avoid.

HDRP update and enemy behaviour

Although “Life…” has become our new pet-project we still want to progress our first ever project called “Project Marvin”.

With the coming of Unity 2019.2 we’ve chosen to use the High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP) to get the most awesome graphics. Also overhauling the complete terrain, lighting and pretty much every system we previously had in place, to get most out of this new version of Unity 3D.

Unlike you’ve seen in our previous clips, to make the game more interesting, we are now introducing enemies. As of now they can patrol, chase, search, attack and of course return to their patrolling route.

I took an arrow in the knee

We are not that far apart from actually firing that arrow, but we wanted to show you our latest work on the Castle-scene.

Yes, we need more set-dressing. Yes, we need to dial down some effects, and yes, some animations are a bit wonky, but we are getting there. Baby-steps, just like in real life.

Our main focus now is to get a good working game-loop in for just this one level. Getting all the basic mechanics in and think of some cool puzzles.