Are you a fan?

Another extension to the Mars Assembly Building. Almost nearing the point of progressing Project Marvin from where we left off.

Will CAS survive…? Do we have all the tools and knowledge to go from surviving, to actually living in this harsh environment?

Dem bones

🎡 Shoulder bone connected to the neck bone. Neck bone connected to the head bone.🎡

Although the model is not completely finished, we wanted to start rigging it and maybe putting it in the game to start development of the basic mechanics and animations.

Sweet dreams

What is a nursery without a crib mobile? A must have for our new game-concept Life… Still needs work on the fluffy look of the attributes, but we’ll get there ;-). Stay tuned for new updates on where Life… is going.

Socks and hair

We got the basic components down, like the body, shirt, pants, shoes and yes, also socks. You gotta have socks!

Anyway, over the next few days we are going into the details. Texturing and sculpting, to make our main character really come to live and win over our hearts.

Not sure on the hair  though. Whether or not to go with realistic hair or just a solid shape. We’ll see how that goes after putting the detail in, but please, share your thoughts in the comments!

It’s all about the base

So the base model is nearing its final form. We’ve chosen to go for a cartoonish style character, which should resemble a 5 or 6 year old boy, once finished. Obviously the forehead is quite big at this stage, try to picture it with hair on it, but I think we will reduce that big melon a bit when we get to the hairy part. πŸ˜… 

We are going to work on the details now. The eyes, the mouth (with teeth), the feet and as we go, trying to improve the base model as well. Getting more details in the hands by adding fingernails for example.

Do you find these kind of post interesting? Should we post more or less? Tell us what you think  πŸ˜‰ 

Pull my finger

I never could draw, let alone draw hands. In 3D modeling it isn’t much better, but we’ll get there. I’m glad we chosen to go for a cartoonish look, so it doesn’t have to be that detailed. πŸ˜…

Bottle up

We are sprucing up our nursery-scene for project “Life…” with some props. Do you have any suggestions which objects should definitely be
present in such a surrounding? 🍼 πŸ‘Ά

Achievement unlocked!

Although we have this new project to work on, that does not mean we stopped working on the other ones. In our latest build for “Burning Rubber”, we now have Google Play Services and achievements!